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Lost LESMIS audios... help please

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Jul. 30th, 2012 | 07:35 am
posted by: lestatfan in musicalexchange


I used to have these LesMis London/UK audios in the past and I lost them (along a couple of other audios on data DVDs) when we moved to another place:

1992 December 02 ~ Manchester, ENGLAND
David Fawcett (u/s Valjean), Michael McCarthy (Javert), Louisa Shaw (u/s Fantine), Meredith Braun (Éponine), Mike Sterling (Marius), Fiona Simnott (Cosette), Tony Timberlake (Thénardier), Louise Plowright (Madame Thénardier), Daniel Coll (Enjolras), Allan Hardman (Enjolras)
Note: A surprisingly good and extremely rare audio. (A)

1993 November 13 ~ London
Mark McKerracher (Valjean), James Staddon (Javert), Claire Moore (Fantine), Gemma Wardle (Éponine), Matt Cammelle (u/s Marius), Nicky Adams (Cosette), Mark White (Thénardier), Jenny Galloway (Madame Thénardier), David Malek (Enjolras)
Note: Better version of this audio than is generally floating around. Very rare. (B+) 

1996 March 02 ~ London
Phil Cavill (Valjean), Michael McCarthy (Javert), Grania Renihan (Fantine), Lea Salonga (Éponine), Matt Cammelle (Marius), Lisa Hull (Cosette), Michael William McGee (u/s Enjolras)
Note: Extremely rare audio of Lea as Eponine in London and quite possibly the only one. (A-)

1996 July 29 ~ London
Jeff Leyton (Valjean), Michael McCarthy (Javert), Grania Renihan (Fantine), Amanda Chennell (u/s Éponine), Mario Frangoulis (Marius), Lisa Hull (Cosette), Chris Langham (Thénardier), Harriet Thorpe (Madame Thénardier)
Note: Decent audio, on the rarer side and still perfectly listenable. (B)

1997 September 20 ~ Birmingham, ENGLAND
Stig Rossen (Valjean), Michael McCarthy (Javert), Julia Worsely (Fantine), Gemma Sandy (Éponine), Norman Bowman (Marius), Rebecca Vere (Cosette), Cameron Blakely (Thénardier), Cathy Breeze (Madame Thénardier), Mark O'Malley (Enjolras), Sam Hiller (Grantaire), Peter Corry (Bishop of Digne) 
Note: Nice audio for the age; missing audio around the flip points and Castle on a Cloud is almost completely missing. (A-)

1999 November 03 ~ Newcastle, ENGLAND
Jeff Leyton (Valjean), Martin Fisher (2nd u/s Javert), Ria Jones (Fantine), Alex Sharpe (Éponine), Adrian Lewis-Morgan (Marius), Amanda Leigh-Smith (Cosette), Jimmy Johnson (Thénardier), Cathy Breeze (Madame Thénardier), Loren Greeting (Enjolras)
Note: Nice audio of a good cast. (B+)

I know this is a long-shot but still, I'd like to give it another try before I finally give up the chase. If you happen to have any of these and you'd like to trade, kindly PM me privately or leave a comment and I'll get in touch with you asap. Thanks! :)

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