Hello! I’m New Here!

Hi! I’m brand new to both this community, trading and LiveJournal as a whole, so I’m extremely excited.

I’ve done some research, and from what I’ve heard, the best way to start is by asking for gifts from others. I am not picky whatsoever, and would be eternally grateful to anyone who wanted to help. My email is:


I currently don’t have a proper collection, but I do have access to some (poor video quality) shows through shared Google Drives, so if anyone is interested (doubtful), I could link to some of those in return. (I haven’t made a list for these because I doubt anyone would want them.)

Once again, I extend a massive thanks to anyone who wishes to help. I have been wanting to join this community for some time, but have been anxious about starting up (and potentially sounding like I was begging for gifts). Sorry for the long post!


Reopen for trading

Hi all! Just posting here to share that I am reopened for small trades after a brief hiatus. I have a small video collection (500+) and large collection of cast recordings (4K+).

Encora profile:
Encora spreadsheet: https://whoisauntbeast.files.wordpress.com/2024/04/encoraapril2024.xlsx

website: https://whoisauntbeast.wordpress.com/

email: whoisauntbeast at gmail.com

I love: Cats, Carrie, Candide, Frozen, Hedwig, Jagged Little Pill, Jesus Christ Superstar, Legally Blonde, Les Miserables, Mean Girls, Maury Yeston's Phantom, Phantom of the Opera, Porgy & Bess, Titanic, and many others! I look forward to hearing from you!

Willing to buy new Bway videos

Hi, If anyone knows of a Master who recorded already videos of the new Bway productions of 


Hell´s Kitchen

The Great Gatsby


The Heart Of Rock And Roll


please let me know. I´m very interested in seeing that videos and willing to buy them.

Also, if some of the Masters would be so kind to record a video of La Révolution Française in Paris next month. It will be an historical moment to have such musical from such early Boublil and Schönberg work.


November 29, 2023 | First US Tour (Detroit, MI) | 4K MP4 (8.28GB) | bikinibottomday’s master
Cast: Caroline Bowman (Elsa), Lauren Nicole Chapman (Anna), Erin Choi (Young Elsa), Annie Piper Braverman (Young Anna), Jeremy Davis (Olaf), Dominic Dorset (Kristoff), Collin Baja (Sven), Preston Perez (Hans), Evan Duff (Weselton), Tyler Jimenez (Pabbie), Renée Reid (Bulda), Kyle Lamar Mitchell (King Agnarr), Katie Mariko Murray (Queen Iduna), Natalie Wisdom (s/w Head Handmaiden), Kate Bailey, Kristen Smith Davis, Jason Goldston, Natalie Goodin, Zach Hess, Adrianna Rose Lyons, Alexander Mendoza, Nick Silverio, Daniel Switzer, Peli Naomi Woods, Michael Allan Haggerty (s/w), Jessie Peltier (s/w)
Notes: Excellent 4K capture of the tour’s first performance in Detroit! There is also some wandering and unfocusing throughout. Some washout on wider shots. Includes curtain call and the post-show BC/EFA speech, audio is fed from external source.
https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjB5iR4 | ASKING $20 USD

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Looking For Hadestown 1NT 10-2023 Video

Hi all was wondering if anyone had this video

Hadestown - First US National Tour

October, 2023 - Sbeve/QuoxWoodTrees


J. Antonio Rodriguez (Orpheus), Amaya Braganza (Eurydice), Matthew Patrick Quinn (Hades), Lana Gordon (Persephone), Will Mann (Hermes), Marla Louissaint (Fate), Lizzie Markson (Fate), Hannah Schreer (Fate), Sevon Askew (Worker), Jamal Lee Harris (Worker), Courtney Lauster (Worker), Daniel Tracht (Worker), Racquel Williams (Worker)


Great quality complete video shot from center Orchestra. Occasionally shaky, blurry or drop-outs from readjusting in first act which is still decent/very watchable - second act is much better. Great capture of all the action and plenty of zooms and well-framed shots. This is only the second week of performances for the new cast! Includes full audio, full video of We Raise Our Cups and quality-ehanced edit by BenChipsAreDown.

My site is thehouseonsunset.weebly.com

I'm new!

Hello everyone! I'm thrilled to be joining this wonderful community. Musicals are so much fun!!

If anyone would like to welcome me by gifting some items to help me get started, I would be incredibly grateful! I'm open to anything you think a beginner like me would enjoy :) My email is dazzelrad@proton.me 

In the spirit of exchange, I've also shared a link to my modest collection. It's not much yet, just some items my Spiderman-loving friends have given me, but I'm happy to trade if you see anything you like: https://encora.it/profile/collection.php?id=5714 :)

Thank you for making me feel so welcome here. I look forward to getting to know you all and growing my collection through this generous community! 

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Re-opened for Trades, Gifts, & Sales!

Hi everyone! It's been ages and I took another unintentional break from trading, but there's been so much new stuff I'd like to add to my collection that I'm trying to hop back in. All of my specific wants can be found on Encora, but here's my general wants as well:

  • The Great Gatsby (Papermill & Broadway)
  • Lempicka (Broadway, but if you have anything I don't of the La Jolla run I'd love that, too!)
  • Hadestown with any of the newer casts since Eva & Reeve have left (would also love anything with Reeve's last performance), with understudies in the lead roles, etc!
  • Wicked with Lucy St. Louis
  • Wicked audios with Eden Espinosa that I don't already have
  • Some Like it Hot
  • Mean Girls, specifically videos of the current tour cast (I saw it in town recently but I was too far away to see up close!)
  • Sunset Boulevard
  • Les Mis with the current US tour cast
  • Gardens of Anuncia

I will also be releasing audios of the US tours for: Les Mis, Mean Girls, & Pretty Woman. I haven't gotten them onto my computer and tracked yet, but they are coming!

Otherwise, I'm as always open for sales (starting at $2/video, $1/audio), and gifts for new traders! You can find my site here: https://glitteringskytrades.weebly.com/

New Video and Audio Updates

Hey there everyone!

Just wanted to post that I've got some new audio and video updates. Video updates include a good amount of videos that have recently passed their NFT dates and audio updates include some new show audios as well as 5 audio masters that I released (Hadestown, Sweeney Todd, Lempicka x2 & The Who's Tommy).

I'm open to both general and specific trades.

Specific Trades include videos and audios that I don't have of these shows: Hamilton (looking for some Hamburg videos), Waitress, Dear Evan Hansen, Hadestown, Six, Beetlejuice, Come From Away, Rent, Groundhog Day (hoping to find more Australia production audios), Moulin Rouge, Merrily We Roll Along, Sweeney Todd and The Who's Tommy.

I'm also looking to increase my video and audio collection from these shows: Cabaret, Hedwig & the Angry Inch, Once, tick, tick... BOOM!, Bright Star, Suffs, Company, American Idiot, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frozen, Sunday in the Park with George, The Wiz, Next to Normal, Frozen, Spring Awakening, The Lion King, Little Shop of Horrors, Anastasia, Newsies, The Outsiders, Beauty & the Beast, Matilda, Fun Home, Spamalot, The Notebook, Wonderland, La Cage Aux Folles, Young Frankenstein, Pretty Woman, The Cher Show, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, The Addams Family, Beaches, Falsettos, Something Rotten, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Titanqiue and Rock of Ages.

I'm also open to sales. Information including exceptions to sale are on my site under my Contact tab.

Here's my site - https://today4utomorrow4netflix.wordpress.com/

Have a wonderful day, stay safe and healthy and happy trading!

Jesus Christ Superstar UK Tour


I've been very much into the UK Tour of Jesus Christ Superstar that's currently running, and am searching for any Audio or Video masters that people might have taken of the show. If you have any, please do email me at:

I am also currently open for trades for other things, and have been releasing a fairly steady stream of audio masters. You can find my list at if you're interested: