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Master releases

Oct. 10th, 2015 | 12:54 pm
posted by: bethannibal in musicalexchange

(Copied & pasted from my post on the Yahoo musical theatre group bc I'm lazy)

Releasing audios from my recent trip to London, if anyone wishes to trade my full list is at hitmewithyourbethshot.tumblr.com .

Miss Saigon cast MADTrust cabaret London 17th September 2015 (Michael Carolan, David Burnip, Marsha Songcome, Carolyn Maitland, Hugh Maynard, Ethan Le Phong, Aaron Lee Lambert, Natalie Chua, Mark Irwin, Maria Graciano, Eva Noblezada, Ela Lisondra, Jon Jon Briones, Kat Picar, Saori Oda, Kanako Nakano, Thao Nguyen, Sooha Kim)

Phantom of the Opera London 18th September 2015 (John Owen-Jones, Emmi Christensson*, Nadim Naaman, Megan Llewellyn, Michael Matins, Christopher Dickins, Jacinta Mulcahy, John Ellis, Alicia Beck) Emmi's first with the new cast

Wicked London 19th September 2015 muck-up matinee (Emma Hatton, Savannah Stevenson, Jeremy Taylor, Martyn Ellis, Katie Rowley Jones, Sam Lupton, Liza Sadovy, Steven Pinder) 2nd-to-last for Jeremy, Martyn, Sam and Steven

Memphis London 19th September 2015 evening (Rachel John*, Matt Cardle, Rolan Bell, Claire Machin, Jason Pennycooke, Mark Roper, Tyrone Huntley)

Matilda London 20th September 2015 (Lizzie Wells, Craig Els, Michael Begley, Rebecca Thornhill, Miria Parvin, Sharlene Whyte, Olly Dobson) Lizzie's third, last for most of the children

Les Miserables London 21st September 2015 (Adam Bayjou*, Jeremy Secomb, Rachelle Ann Go, Phil Daniels, Katy Secombe, Rob Houchen, Luke McCall*, Emma Kingston*, Zoe Doano)

The Book of Mormon London 23rd September 2015 matinee (Nic Rouleau, Brian Sears, Alexia Khadime, Stephen Ashfield, Richard Lloyd King, Hugo Harold-Harrison, Chris Jarman)

Miss Saigon London 24th September 2015 matinee (Tanya Manalang*, Jon Jon Briones, Chris Peluso, Aaron Lee Lambert*, Natalie Mendoza, Sangwoong Jo, Carolyn Maitland)

Miss Saigon London 24th September 2015 evening (Sooha Kim*, Jon Jon Briones, Chris Peluso, Aaron Lee Lambert*, Natalie Mendoza, Sangwoong Jo, Carolyn Maitland)

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Trade Request

Oct. 10th, 2015 | 02:20 am
posted by: turnonthe_track in musicalexchange


I'm a long time stalker, first time poster to this community.

My site is http://turnonthe8track.weebly.com/

In particular, I am looking for video and/or audio for:

Hello Again with John Cameron Mitchell
Hedwig and the Angry Inch (anything not listed on my Hedwig page)
Race with James Spader and Kerry Washington (2010)

But I am open to all trades. My email is turnonthe8track@gmail.com

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Extended Discount!

Oct. 10th, 2015 | 03:16 pm
posted by: jemmarixelphie in musicalexchange

Hi Everybody!
If you're not into sales, ignore this post! For those that are here goes;

I wanted to announce that I have extended my sale which would have ended on October 5th (Monday) 2015 but, I have now decided it should go to November 1st!

I'd just like to make clear that I am only open to sales! I am not trading!! (I have had 5 emails asking me to trade in the last week, even though my site says Only Open to Sales...)

Anyway, My site is jemmarixismyelphaba.weebly.com

Prices are:

- VIDEOS: $5

Thanks Everyone!

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Bad Trader

Oct. 9th, 2015 | 11:18 pm
posted by: meggiry101 in musicalexchange

I wanted to inform everyone of a bad Trader. I emailed this person over a week ago and they STILL haven't replied to me about agreeing to a trade. The website is www.hippiesonthebarricade.weebly.com. I have emailed them again hoping for a response. I want to get the word out there that they do not reply quickly as it so seems. Be warned of this person. Thank you for reading

Xoxo Megan

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General trades and a few wants

Oct. 9th, 2015 | 11:40 am
posted by: ww_musicals in musicalexchange

Hi all!

I'm looking to do some general trades, so feel free to contact me if there is anything of interest on my site.


Also, I'm looking for a few Spring Awakening videos:

Spring Awakening
Off-Broadway | July 9, 2006
Jonathan Groff (Melchior), Lea Michele (Wendla), John Gallagher Jr. (Moritz), Lauren Pritchard (Ilse), Skylar Astin (Georg), Lilli Cooper (Martha), Gideon Glick (Ernst), Brian Charles Johnson (Otto), Phoebe Strole (Anna), Jonathan B. Wright (Hanschen), Remy Zaken (Thea), Mary McCann (Adult Women), Frank Wood (Adult Men)

Spring Awakening
Broadway | November 29, 2006 previews
Jonathan Groff (Melchior), Lea Michele (Wendla), John Gallagher, Jr (Moritz), Lauren Pritchard (Ilse), Skylar Astin (Georg), Brian Johnson (Otto), Jonathan B. Wright (Hanschen), Gideon Glick (Ernst), Phoebe Strole (Anna), Lilli Cooper (Martha), Remy Zaken (Thea), Christine Estabrook (Adult Women), Stephen Spinella (Adult Men)

Spring Awakening
5/18/08 ~ Broadway
Jonathan Groff (Melchior) ,Lea Michele (Wendla), Lake Bashoff (Moritz), Lilli Cooper (Martha), Phoebe Strole (Ilse), Stephen Spinella (Adult Men), Brian Charles Johnson (Otto), Gideon Glick (Ernst), Skylar Astin (Georg), Lilli Copper (Martha), Jonathan B. Wright (Hanschen), Krysta Rodriguez (Anna) Lea and Jonathan's last show. Includes goodbye speeches


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Halloween Sales!

Oct. 9th, 2015 | 06:06 pm
posted by: e_ponine in musicalexchange

Hi guys,

I'm opening my list for a Halloween sale! :)
I reduced the prices of my shows for this occasion, and will offer two shows if you purchase three.

Feel free to let me know if you have any question.

As for trades, I am currently only open for my wants.

Thank you for your interest!

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Oct. 9th, 2015 | 12:39 pm
posted by: julia_urb in musicalexchange

Hi everyone

I'm still looking for the new "A new brain" video with Jonathan Groff.

No longer looking for "A new brain", but open for general trades. Please read the first page of my site to know what kind of shows I'm most likely to trade for.

My site: http://broadway.webege.com/

Have a good weekend everybody!

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Les Mis video want

Oct. 9th, 2015 | 04:55 pm
posted by: amaaazingrace in musicalexchange

Hey! Is anyone would like to help me with this video? Thanks!

2012/08 - West End, .WMV
Geronimo Rauch (JVJ), Tam Mutu (Javert), Sierra Boggess (Fantine),  Samantha Dorsey (Cosette), Jonny Purchase (Marius), Danielle Hope (Éponine), Liam Tamne (Enjolras), Adam Linstead (Bishop/Grantaire), Highlights: Valjean's Soliloquy, Fantine's Death, The Confrontation, Stars, Bring Him Home, the Finale

Email: amaaazingrace@gmail.com
Site: aheartfullofsong.weebly.com

I'm open to all trade as well, especially any Les Mis I don't have and POTO with John-owen Jones or Geronimo Rauch.

Thank you for your patience!

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Obscure wants

Oct. 8th, 2015 | 10:43 pm
posted by: otomodachifan in musicalexchange

Hi, I'm looking for audios/videos of these obscure shows (and hard-to-find recordings of well-known shows). All are audio unless noted otherwise. If anyone has these (or if an upcoming show planning on recording), please contact me at otomodachifan@gmail.com. Shows marked with asterisks are major wants

Any show, esp. Broadway, recorded between 5-15 June 2009 or 14-15 April 2012. Or any show pre-1950.

Any show which is stopped mid-show due to a medical emergency/fire alarm, a performer leaves mid-show due to illness or performs a full show despite illness (esp. In 2009)

Audio descripton tracks (for visually-impaired audience members) of Disney musicals

***Autism-Friendly performances of any show (see tdf.org/autism. 2015-16 season: Wicked 7 Feb 2016 mat, Aladdin 6 March 2016 mat, and future seasons.)*** I'd prefer both video and audio, but just audio would be fine, too. Please visit the page and sign up for info to receive notifications, as the tickets sell out very quickly (sometimes within hours!) I go to these shows so it would mean a lot to me. Thank you!

***Blue's Clues Live: Blue's Birthday Party

***Blue's Clues Live: The Most Spectacular Place (especially July/August 2008 Parma Little Theater Cleveland, OH with Ben Fankhauser as Steve)

***Busytown Live! (Any performance will do, but I'm especially interested in sensory-friendly performances!)

***Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Relaxed Performance (see http://www.mousetrap.org.uk/index.php/special-educational-needs/relaxed-performances/charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory-jan-2016-relaxed.html)

***The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime 19 December 2013 (I don't know if a recording exists but it's the show where the theater's roof collapsed about 40 min into Act 1

***The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime Relaxed Performance (see nationaltheatre.org.uk/your-visit/access/relaxed-performances. Has not been announced yet at time of post)

Dancing Lessons

***Disney Junior Live on Tour: Pirate and Princess Adventure

***Disney Live: Mickey and Minnie's Doorway to Magic

Disney Live: Mickey's Rockin' Roadshow

Disney Live: Three Classic Fairytales

***Doki en Vivo: ¡Un Mundo por Explorar!
Full audio of this performance: youtube.com/watch?v=wNJbL9mc9Zg seeking date/location info

Elisabeth - Essen. September 12, 2001.
HIGHLIGHTS (Pia Douwes, Uwe Kröger, Carsten Lepper, Michael Shawn Lewis) Quality: A+.
Includes all major songs and bits and pieces of the other sequences. (About 105 minutes.) Includes Michael Shawn Lewis's 9/11 speech.
A mindblowingly beautiful and clear recording. The entire cast performs phenomenally, especially Carsten. RARE.

Evita Relaxed Performance: 24 Oct 2015 (see http://theplacetelford.com/shows/musicals/evita-relaxed-performance)

Garfield: The Musical with Cattitude

God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater

Gypsy Broadway 10 January 2009 evening
Note: During Rose's Turn, Patti LuPone stops the show to yell at a photographer (that scene is on Youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=WruzPfJ9Rys)

***Hello Kitty's Fantastical Adventure

***The Lion King Relaxed Performance (see lionkingautismfriendly.co.uk. Next show has not been announced yet.)

Mary Poppins London - January 10, 2005 - Laura Michelle Kelly, Gavin Lee, Linzi Hateley, David Haig, Jenny Galloway, Gerard Casey, Rosemary Ashe, Julie Sutton
*The children playing Jane and Michael had to be sent home early due to legal reasons, so the show ends with "Step in Time"

Mary Poppins
Broadway - February 18, 2012 - Matinee--Steffanie Leigh (Mary Poppins) Jessie Swimm (Bert) ***Master's note: Recorded from private box, closest one to stage. Almost perfect recording. Literally sounds like a sound board recording (with very minimal talking). Almost got caught in the beginning of Act 2, but it only disrupts the Entr'act.

VIDEO Mary Poppins
10/14/06 ~ Broadway Highlights
Ashley Brown, Gavin Lee, Daniel Jenkins, Rebecca Luker, Jane
Carr, Katherine Leigh Doherty, Henry Hodges
About an hour of highlights of the first preview performance.
Contains full audio of the whole show, but only about an hour
of visual footage.This is the show that had to be stopped 15
minutes into the show because of the huge house got stuck but
they eventually fixed it; great when there is a picture.

VIDEO Mary Poppins
September 2008 ~ Birmingham, UK Tour
Caroline Sheen, Danie Crossley, Martin Ball, Louise Bowden,
Liberty Chesman, Thomas Goodall
Slightly different staging with scaled down sets for the tour, but
still a beautiful production.Very nicely filmed and crystal clear.
Occasional spotlight washout but not bad.The DVD has a main
menu with chapter selection, but the titles are written in
Japanese since the filmer was from Japan. 2 DVDs A

***Matilda Relaxed Performance (see uk.matildathemusical.com/tickets/relaxed-performance/. Next show has not been announced yet, but may be on 12 June 2016 at 3pm)

VIDEO The Miracle, Pigeon Forge, TN, 2010, pro-shot, stunning recreation of
the life of Christ told in epic proportion, filmed live on stage, this
show features a large cast of actors, singes, dancers, technicians and
live animals, curtain rises on the drawing of creation as the
fingerprint of Christ is illustrated throughout the Old Testament,
book and lyrics by Linda Nell Cooper and music by David Legg, A

***Muchachos de Nueva York: El Musical

VIDEO The Music Man
9/13/01 ~ Broadway
Robert Sean Leonard, Rebecca Luker, Leslie Hendrix
First performance after WTC tragedy, including pre-show
announcement and God Bless America at the end.
Lap shot for the most part, so zooms aren't as close as
usual, a little shaky in some scenes. A-

Newsies Milano, Italy

Next to Normal - Broadway, 10/06/2009 E (lucenellapiazza's master)
Alice Ripley, J Robert Spencer, Kyle Dean Massey (Gabe), Jennifer Damiano, Adam Chanler-Berat, Louis Hobson
-The scenes are a little quiet but the songs are great.

Next to Normal - Broadway, 25/06/2009 E
Alice Ripley, J. Robert Spencer, Kyle Dean Massey, Meghann Fahy (u/s Natalie), Adam Chanler-Berat, Louis Hobson

Next to Normal - Broadway, 29/06/2009 E (Meghann's third) [Incomplete, up until I've Been]
Alice Ripley, J. Robert Spencer, Kyle Dean Massey, Meghann Fahy (u/s Natalie), Adam Chanler-Berat, Louis Hobson

Next To Normal - Broadway, 25/09/2009 Evening [bahrtalicious's master]
Alice Ripley (Diana), Michael Berry (u/s Dan), Kyle Dean Massey (t/r Gabe), Jennifer Damiano (Natalie), Adam Chanler-Berat (Henry), Louis Hobson (Dr. Madden/Dr. Fine)
-Recorded from Row H Mezz, dead center. Some movement is audible, especially during I Miss The Mountains due to me silencing my phone (as opposed to having it on vibrate) because I kept getting texts, and I did drop the recorder on the floor during Superboy and The Invisible Girl, and it stayed there til the end of Act I. Oh, and I apologize in advance for the crying.

Next To Normal - Broadway, 27/09/2009 Evening [bahrtalicious's master]
Alice Ripley (Diana), J. Robert Spencer (Dan) - 1st Act, Michael Berry (u/s Dan) - 2nd Act, Aaron Tveit (Gabe), Jennifer Damiano (Natalie), Adam Chanler-Berat (Henry), Louis Hobson (Dr. Madden/Dr. Fine)
-Notes: Recorded front row rush seats. First act Bobby played Dan, second act it was Michael due to Bobby still being sick (which if you listen at the beginning of the show - it's especially apparent in 'Who's Crazy/My Psychopharmacologist and I' - you can tell he is still feeling bad). Missing first 30-ish seconds of the second act because I was caught off guard and, though I fully expected it, was still a little stunned by the announcement about Michael!Dan.

Next to Normal- Broadway 28 June 2009
A, full show, bootleg, tracked. Jennifer Damiano was injured by the set and had to go to the hospital just a little into Act 2, so Meghann Fahy stepped in and finished out the show as Natalie.
Cast: Alice Ripley, J. Robert Spencer, Tim Young (u/s Gabe), Jennifer Damiano (Act 1), Meghann Fahy (u/s Natalie, Act 2), Adam Chanler-Berat, Louis Hobson.

Next to Normal - Broadway, 25/01/2010 Evening
Jessica Phillips (u/s Diana), J. Robert Spencer (Dan), Kyle Dean Massey (Gabe), Jennifer Damiano (Natalie), Adam Chanler-Berat (Henry), Louis Hobson (Dr. Fine/Dr. Madden)
-Notes: FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC performance from Jessica. Jennifer sounded a little vocally rough (don't know if she's sick or what), but she sang a few of her lines in head voice instead of belting, and she completely dropped one of the lines in "Superboy and the Invisible Girl". Recorded from the mezzanine. Nice, clean audio.

Next to Normal - Broadway, 12/03/2010 [juniper47’s master]
Jessica Phillips (u/s Diana), J. Robert Spencer (Dan), Kyle Dean Massey (Gabe), Jennifer Damiano (Natalie), Adam Chanler-Berat (Henry), Louis Hobson (Dr. Fine/Dr. Madden)
Notes: Jessica continues to amaze me as Diana. Such a strong powerful voice and really effective acting. The rest of the cast was really strong, too. Nice clear audio recorded from mid-mezzanine. It was a near-sold-out show, and the audience was very reactive to the show (laughing, gasping, crying). I was a horrible emotional mess, especially in Act Two, so I apologize for sniffling/blowing my nose.

Next to Normal - Broadway, 14/03/2010 Matinee [juniper47’s master]
Jessica Phillips (u/s Diana), J. Robert Spencer (Dan), Kyle Dean Massey (Gabe), Meghann Fahy (u/s Natalie), Adam Chanler-Berat (Henry), Louis Hobson (Dr. Fine/Dr. Madden)
Notes: Another FANTASTIC performance from Jessica. It was my first time seeing Meghann as Natalie and she totally blew me away with her powerful voice.

Next to Normal - Broadway, 16/03/2010 [juniper47’s master]
Jessica Phillips (u/s Diana), J. Robert Spencer (Dan), Kyle Dean Massey (Gabe), Jennifer Damiano (Natalie), Adam Chanler-Berat (Henry), Louis Hobson (Dr. Fine/Dr. Madden)
Notes: Excellent performance from everyone. There is some noise from this dumb lady who got some Pringles and soda at intermission, an because she couldn't bring them to her seat she stood at the back of the mezzanine - right next to me - and crunched on her chips, chewing with her mouth open. She did that for like 15 minutes at the top of Act Two. There was also a girl across the aisle from me who crinkled her bag of M&M's really loudly now and then, but at least that's softer because she was farther away from me.
Aside from that, it's a nice clean audio. Includes BC/EFA speech.

***PAW Patrol Live! (see http://heyevent.com/event/46tc7vs5ua4zma/paw-patrol-live-tuesday-29-march-sunday-3-april. I love PAW Patrol so I'd love a recording!)

VIDEO Seussical the Musical
June 2009 ~ Wilmington, DE
Matt Casarino, Trevor Sheehan, Jameson May, Barbara Wright
A production from the Wilmington Drama League; nice regional
production with good video and sound A-

Spot the Dog (see http://wellsfargocenterarts.org/education/school-shows/spot-the-dog/)

***Toopy and Binoo Live!

Wicked – July 11, 2007 [London] – Evening - Kerry's Last Show with Helen, Kerry goes off sick after 'Defying Gravity' - *Act 1 Only* - Kerry Ellis (Elphaba), Helen Dallimore (Glinda), Adam Garcia (Fiyero), Katie Rowley Jones (Nessarose), James Gillan (Boq), Andy Mace (u/s the Wizard), Susie Blake (Madame Morrible), Martin Ball (Dr. Dillamond)

Wicked Melbourne August 16th 2008- Patrice Tipoki (Elphaba u/s), Lucy Durack (Glinda), Rob Mills (Fiyero), Rob Guest (Wizard), Maggie Kilpatrick (Madam Morrible), Penny McNamee (Nessarose), Anthony Callea (Boq) and Rodney Dobson (Dr Dillamond)-
**The file contains “Defying Gravity” and Act 2 only. Amanda wasn’t available on the night and standby Jemma Stevenson was very sick for Act 1, so Patrice Tipoki took over for “Defying Gravity” and onward. Due to Jemma’s clear illness, the original trader never released Act 1. It’s also Patrice Tipoki’s first performance as Elphaba.**

Wicked 1st National Tour | 22nd February 2009 | Stephanie Torns (u/s Elphaba), Katie Rose Clarke (Glinda).

Wicked 1st National Tour | 14th March 2009 | Donna Vivino (Elphaba), Stephanie Brown (u/s Glinda), Richard H. Black (Fiyero).

Wicked 1st National Tour | 17th March 2009 | Donna Vivino (Elphaba), Katie Rose Clark (Glinda), Richard H. Blake (Fiyero), Myra Lucretia Taylor (Madame Morrible), Christopher Russo (u/s Wizard), Ben Liebert (Boq), Amanda Rose (Nessarose).
*Assistive Listening Device recording.

Wicked London | 15th April 2009 | Kerry Ellis (Elphaba), Dianne Pilkington (Glinda), Oliver Tompsett (Fiyero), Desmond Barrit (The Wizard), Harriet Thorpe (Madame Morrible), Caroline Keiff (Nessarose), Jeremy Legat (Boq), Andy Mace (Dr. Dillamond).
kerryellisanditrading.weebly.com's master

Wicked San Francisco | 18th April 2009 | Vicki Noon (st/by Elphaba), Kendra Kassebaum (Glinda), Nicolas Dromard (Fiyero), Patti Duke (Madame Morrible), David Garrison (The Wizard), Eddy Rioseco (Boq), Natalie Daraditch (Nessarose), Tom Flynn (Dr. Dillamond).

Wicked Broadway | 20th May 2009 | Matinee | Jennifer DiNoia (st/by Elphaba), Alli Mauzey (Glinda).

Wicked 1st National Tour | 6th June 2009 | Merideth Kaye Clarke (st/by Elphaba), Katie Rose Clarke (Glinda).

Wicked London Kerry Ellis Last in london before Broadway 7th June 09

Wicked San Francisco | 9th June 2009 |Teal Wicks (Elphaba), Kendra Kassebaum (Glinda), Nicolas Dromard (Fiyero).

Wicked 6/14/09 Matinee Carrie Manolakos (s/b Elphaba), Helene York (Glinda), Colin Donell (Fiyero), Marilyn Caskey (Madame Morrible), Tom McGowan (Wizard), Kristine Reese (Nessarose), Ted Ely (Boq), David De Vries (Doctor Dillamond)

Wicked 2nd National Tour | 20th June 2009 | Matinee | Carrie Manolakos (st/by Elphaba), Michelle London (u/s Glinda), Colin Donnell (Fiyero), Marilyn Caskey (Madame Morrible), Tom McGowan (The Wizard), Kristine Reese (Nessarose), Ted Ely (Boq), David DeVries (Dr. Dillamond).

Wicked 2nd National Tour | 21st June 2009 | Carrie Manolakos (s/b Elphaba), Helene Yorke (Glinda).

Wicked London | 27th June 2009 | Evening | Sabrina Carter (u/s Elphaba), Dianne Pilkington (Glinda).
*Highlights (Most of the main songs).
*Sabrina's first performance as Elphaba.

Wicked Australia| July 8, 2009 (Matinee) (Tracked)
Jemma Rix (Temp. Elphaba), Lucy Durack (Glinda), Rob Mills (Fiyero), Stuart Fisher (Boq), Penny McNamee (Nessarose), Maggie Kirkpatrick (Morrible), Bert Newton (Wizard), Anton Berezin (u/s Dillamond), ? (u/s Witch's Father).
In Thank Goodness Lucy had a little fit of coughing and Maggie sang part of one of her lines. Every so often the person sitting next to the master asked her child if she understood what was going on and explained it to her.

Wicked Broadway | 19th July 2009 | Nicole Parker (Elphaba), Alli Mauzey (Glinda).
*Nicole's last performance.

October 5, 2009 - West End Sabrina Carter (u/s Elphaba) / Asheigh Gray (st/by Elphaba), Dianne Pilkington (Glinda), Oliver Tompsett (Fiyero), Sam Kelly (Wizard), Harriet Thorpe (Morrible), Natile Anderson (Nessarose), George Ure (Boq), David Stoller (Dillamond) ~
Note: Scheduled show for Sabrina as producers came to see her, although she gets ill, cracking on the last note of "The Wizard and I". You can tell it in her voice that she is very congested. Ashleigh replaces her after Popular, even though she is also pretty sick.

Wicked London - 14th April 2010 (E)
Rachel Tucker, Louise Dearman, Lewis Bradley (u/s Fiyero), George Ure, Stevie Tate Bauer (u/s Nessa)

Wicked (04/12/12) -- Jackie Burns (Elphaba), Chandra Lee Schwartz (Glinda), Jerad Bortz* (Fiyero), PJ Benjamin (The Wizard), Randy Danson (Madame Morrible), Taylor Trensch (Boq), Jenny Fellner (Nessarose), Tom Flynn (Dillamond)

***WICKED London, April 13, 2012 – act I only!
redandblacktrading.wordpress.com's master
Rachel Tucker, Gina Beck, Matt Willis, Tania Mathurin, Desmond Barrit, Lillie Flynn, Chistopher Howell, Adam Pettigrew

Ziegfield Follies of 1934
New Haven March 16, 1934: Fanny Brice, Everett Marshall, Willie Howard, Eugene Howard, Bob Cummings, Judith Barron, Vilma Ebsen, Buddy Ebsen, Eve Arden
Note: Oldest known musical bootleg; Released by AEI but very hard to find

My trade site is everyday-im-ushering.weebly.com

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Cabaret Wants

Oct. 8th, 2015 | 11:25 am
posted by: abain93 in musicalexchange

Hi! I'm currently looking for some Cabaret Wants, so if you have any of them please contact me at abain93@yahoo.com

London, UK | 1994 | VOB | Proshot
Alan Cumming, Michael Gardiner, Adam Godley, Jane Horrocks, Anthony Hunt, Sara Kestelman, Matt Krane, Charlotte Medcalf, George Raistrick, Loveday Smith, Christopher Staines, Charlotte Storey, Kevin Walton

Broadway | 2000-06-09 | VOB | Bootleg
Joely Fisher, Michael C. Hall, Dick Latessa, Carole Shelley, Michael Hayden, Victoria Clarke

Cabaret | 11/13/01 | Broadway Revival
Cast: Raul Esparza (Emcee), Gina Gershon (Sally), Matthew Greer (Clifford Bradshaw), Alma Cuervo (Fraulein Shneider), Larry Keith (Herr Shultz)

Broadway | 2002-02-14 | VOB | Bootleg
Raúl Esparza (Emcee), Molly Ringwald (Sally Bowles), Carole Shelley (Fraulein Schneider), Larry Keith (Herr Schultz), Matthew Greer (Cliff)

Revival Cast | Broadway | 1/04/04 | WMV
Rating: B-
Cast: Adam Pascal (Emcee), Susan Egan, Blair Brown, Tony Roberts

My site: http://itsamusical.weebly.com/

Thank you in advance!

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