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Email Problems, Open For General Trades & Sales, Little Shop of Horrors Australian Tour?

Apr. 29th, 2016 | 08:30 am
posted by: osdtdg in musicalexchange

Hi Everybody!
I have been experiencing a few problems with my email, so, if you have sent me an email and haven't received a reply - please email me again!

Also, whilst I am open for general trades, I was hoping to clear my wants also.

[Performer Wants - Wicked]

  • Hannah Shankman as Elphaba or Nessarose

  • Desi Oakley as Elphaba

  • Jemma Rix as Elphaba

  • Gretel Scarlett as Elphaba

  • Maria Eberline as Elphaba

  • Emmy Raver-Lampman as Elphaba

  • Alison Luff as Elphaba (Desperately seeking her last show- April 20 2014)

  • Shoshana Bean as Nessarose

  • Kennedy Caughell as Elphaba

  • Shayla Beck/Osborn as Elphaba

  • Sabrina Carter as Elphaba

  • Ashley Dawn Mortensen as Elphaba

  • Anna Eilinsfield as Elphaba

  • Angel Reda as Elphaba

  • Gemma Atkins as Elphaba

[Specific Audio Wants - Wicked]
May 25 2005
1st National Tour
Maria Eberline (Elphaba u/s), Kendra Kassebaum (Glinda), Derrick Williams (Fiyero), David Garrison (The Wizard), Carol Kane (Mme. Morrible), Logan Lipton (Boq), Jenna Leigh Green (Nessarose), Timothy Britten Parker (Dr. Dillamond)
Missing the "Train Station Scene"
September 25 2007
Los Angeles
Courtney Corey (Elphaba u/s), Megan Hilty (Glinda), Kristoffer Cusick (Fiyero), John Rubinstein (The Wizard), Carol Kane (Madame Morrible), Jenna Leigh Green (Nessarose), Adam Wylie (Boq), Timothy Britten Parker (Dr. Dillamond).
June 27 2009
Alexia Khadime (Elphaba) / Sabrina Carter (Elphaba u/s), Dianne Pilkington (Glinda), Oliver Tompsett (Fiyero), Sam Kelly (The Wizard), Harriet Thorpe (Madame Morrible), Natalie Anderson (Nessarose), Alex Jessop (Boq), David Stoller (Dr. Dillamond).
Sabrina takes over from an ill Alexia from the Lion Cub scene onwards
July 25 2009 (Evening)
Sabrina Carter (Elphaba u/s), Dianne Pilkington
June 16 2012 (Matinee)
2nd National Tour
Anna Eilinsfeld (Elphaba u/s), Tiffany Haas (Glinda), Billy Harrigan Tighe (Fiyero), Dan Pacheco (Boq), Catherine Charlebois (Nessarose), Paul Kreppel (The Wizard), Marilyn Caskey ( Madame Morrible)
April 20 2014 (Evening)
1st National Tour
Alison Luff (Elphaba), Gina Beck (Glinda), Nick Adams (Fiyero), Alison Fraser Madame Morrible), Tim Kazurinsky (The Wizard), Jenny Florkowski (Nessarose), Jesse JP Johnson (Boq), Tom Flynn (Dr. Dillamond)
Alison's final performance as Elphaba.
May 2 2014
Seoul, South Korea
Kim SunYoung(Elphaba), Kim Bo Kyung (Glinda), Jo Sang Woong (Fiyero)
Kim's First show!
May 8 2014
Seoul, South Korea
Oak JooHyun (Elphaba), Jung Sun A (Glinda), Lee Jee Hun  (Fiyero)
Oak's Last show!
January 10 2016
Hannah Shankman (Elphaba u/s), Kara Lindsay, Jonah Platt, Arielle Jacobs, Robin De Jesus, Michele Lee, Fred Applegate, Timothy Britten Parker
Hannah's First Show as Elphaba.
February 2 2016
Rachel Tucker (Elphaba), Carrie St. Louis (Glinda), Jonah Platt (Fiyero), Dawn E. Cantwell (Nessarose), Zachary Noah Piser (Boq), Kathy Fitzgerald (Madame Morrible), Peter Scolari (The Wizard), Michael Genet (Doctor Dillamond)
Carrie's first show on Broadway. Kathy's first show back. Zachary, Dawn, Peter and Michael's First show.
March 5 2016 (Matinee)
Emma Hatton (Elphaba), Savannah Stevenson (Glinda), Oliver Saville (Fiyero), Daniel Hope (Boq), Katie Rowley Jones (Nessarose), Tom McGowan (The Wizard), Liza Sadovy (Madame Morrible), Sean Kearns (Dr. Dillamond)

[Specific Video Wants - Wicked]
February 28 2009
1st National Tour
Stephanie Torns (Elphaba u/s), Katie Rose Clarke (Glinda), Richard H. Blake (Fiyero), Lenny Wolpe (The Wizard), Myra Lucretia Taylor (Madame Morrible), Amanda Rose (Nessarose), Ben Liebert (Boq), Paul Slade Smith (Dr. Dillamond)
{VOB Format}
April 14 2009
1st National Tour
Donna Vivino (Elphaba), Stefanie Brown (Glinda u/s), Bryan West (Fiyero u/s)
Amazing riffs throughout by Donna. Some camera shakiness, major spotlight washout and audience head obstruction consistent throughout. Sounds adjustments at times. Act 2 starts at, “We’ll talk about that later” and is blacked out until partway through WWOTE scene.
{VOB Format}
August 2 2009
1st National Tour
Merideth Kaye Clark (Elphaba s/b), Stefanie Brown (Glinda u/s), Richard H. Blake (Fiyero), Lenny Wolpe (The Wizard), Myra Lucretia Taylor (Madame Morrible), Amanda Rose (Nessarose), Ben Liebert (Boq), Paul Slade Smith (Doctor Dillamond)
{VOB Format}

I am also open for sales if any is interested in that

[Sales Prices]
Video = $ 3 USD
1 Audio=$1 USD
1 Highlight Video=$0.75 USD

Whole Collection= $30

All Wicked Videos = $15 USD (NOT INCLUDING NFT VIDEOS)
Whole Wicked Collection= $20​

If you are interested, I was interested in trying something out;
A "Lifetime membership to my links" = $55USD

  • I have uploaded my documents to google drive (I've been prone to hard drive failures. I didn't want to lose my links). So, since google drive items are "Shareable" this option would mean you will be able to view all new links I add at any time!

Some points to consider;

  1. Payments would be through Paypal F&F {Family & Friends} only.

  2. As with trading - I don't send physical items, only online links. You will be purchasing a download link which shall be sent via email.

Also, I've recently found out about an Australian tour of Little Shop of Horrors. Does anyone have a bootleg/opinion of the show as my family was thinking of going and I might just record a master. Would anyone be interested?

Do let me know!

Like I said, I am also open for general trades and sales!

My site is oneshortdaytodefygravity.weebly.com if you'd like to trade and my email is oneshortdaytodefygravity (AT) gmx (DOT) com


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backing tracks

Apr. 28th, 2016 | 09:45 pm
posted by: George A in musicalexchange


professional singer looking for show backing tracks!

does anyone have full show backing tracks for-

sister act
kinky boots
made in Dagenham
Andrew Lloyd Webber wizard of oz

any other backing tracks welcome, drop a comment

thank you

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Apr. 28th, 2016 | 09:00 pm
posted by: wickedexpresss in musicalexchange

Hey guys, I have completely updated my whole website! There is also new bootlegs which you can find through my website!

These are my new bootlegs down below!

Read more...Collapse )
You can message me at HeyHoeski@gmail.com
- Philip

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Looking for a video

Apr. 28th, 2016 | 03:06 pm
posted by: ridleycecilia in musicalexchange


I was hoping to set up a trade for the following video. If anyone has it, please contact me!

Murder Ballad
Off-Broadway. July 13, 2013 - VOB
Cast: Caissie Levy, Rebecca Naomi Jones, Jim Newman (Tom u/s), John Ellison Conlee.

I am also open for general trades :)



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(no subject)

Apr. 28th, 2016 | 03:44 pm
posted by: ladyartemis2211 in musicalexchange

Hi :)

A combination of a lack of time and pure laziness has led me to pretty much stop trading in the past few months (so sorry to anyone who has emailed me during this period!). Before I let all my things get into horrible disorganisation, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to trade me the Stars of Manderley complete video or maybe point me in the direction of the master. It's been on my 'musical bucket list' since I first started trading and I'd love to knock it off that list before I leave (no regrets right? haha).

Something else that I wanted to mention was that if any new trader (or anyone, really) wants me to send them my video links list (cannot be bothered to upload any audios), I'd be happy to do so. Just flick me an email and I'll get that sent to you ASAP. I'd hate to see my collection go to waste, especially if mega does go down (oh no my 50 mega accounts D:).


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Merrily We Roll Along

Apr. 27th, 2016 | 04:03 pm
posted by: x_vintagekitten in musicalexchange

Hello there! This is just a longshot. I previously rented the 2013 West End production of Merrily We Roll Along on Digital Theatre but it's since been deleted. I was wondering if anyone knows where a recording of it could be found now? Or if anyone has a link to share. Thanks so much!! 

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Getting Back into Trading / Reopen for Wants

Apr. 27th, 2016 | 08:19 pm
posted by: itwbwaytrades in musicalexchange

Hello everyone,

I was active in the trading community for about a year up until October. I have been abroad and had little time to trade, so I have been out of the loop for quite some time. I am looking to get back into things though, as my work here is winding down, and I will have more time for trading. My site needs a little updating, but my list can be found at itwbroadwaytrades.weebly.com

As always, I’m looking for ANYTHING related to Into the Woods that I don’t have. This includes mainstage, college, regional, and even well done high school performances. If you have something that fits that bill, please send me an email.

I also have one specific ITW audio want and quite a few non-Into the Woods video wants that I’ve missed out on from the past six or seven months of inactivity. If you could help me clear those up, that would be excellent! These wants can be found below the cut:

Read more...Collapse )

WARNING: I may not have immediate access to all of the shows that are currently on my list. I only brought one of my external hard drives, and I am sure I have many dead links. If you are interested in a trade with me, please let me know first what you are interested in. Don’t blindly send me links. I would hate for you to send me a link for something I wanted, only to tell you, “you’ll have to wait until June” when I have my other hard drive. Just trying to be transparent and fair.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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Apr. 27th, 2016 | 02:50 pm
posted by: vincent_1986 in musicalexchange

Hello Everyone,

I have some free time for trading
my website:


I looking for On the Twentieth Century closing night
Does anyone have this show?

yours sincerely,

contact me at musical_1986(at)hotmail(dot)com

free for trading to.

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Bridges of Madison County Tour

Apr. 27th, 2016 | 08:11 am
posted by: theatreboots in musicalexchange

Hi everyone!

I am hoping to set up a trade for these videos which become available soon:

The Bridges of Madison County - NFT until 4.30.16
National Tour, 1.3.16 Evening
Elizabeth Stanley, Andrew Samonsky, Cullen R Titmas, Mary Callanan, Tom Treadwell (u/s), Dave Thomas Brown, Caitlin Houlahan, Katie Klaus, Cole Burden, Caitlyn Caughell, Brad Greer, Amy Linden, Trista Moldovan, Jessica Sheridan, Matt Stokes, Bryan Welnicki.
The tour is beautifully staged, and the cast is fantastic. Elizabeth and Andrew have a nice chemistry together. As an added bonus, Brown himself conducts the orchestra. A nearly perfect capture -- there is no obstruction, no washout, and no major blackouts. There are just a couple very quick dropouts that last only a few seconds each. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call and playbill scans.A+

Please contact me if we can work out a trade!


Thank you! :)

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New Website

Apr. 27th, 2016 | 01:03 am
posted by: westendtrades in musicalexchange


I've been watching and participating in this community for a while but only had a pdf version of my list so I decided to make a website so I can actively participate.

My website is westendtrades.weebly.com and as you can easily see I love anything that's on West End. So check my site out and email me for a trade!

I can't wait to actively participate in this community

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