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Search German Sister Act Videos

Oct. 23rd, 2016 | 12:53 am
posted by: total_elipse in musicalexchange

Hey :)

I search some Videos from Sister Act from Germany and Vienna.

25.02.2011 Sister Act Hamburg
Cast: Zodwa Selele, Barbara Krabbe, Cush Jung, Thada Suanduanchai, Ina Trabesinger, Martine De Jager, Sonya Martin, Tetje Mierendorf, Dave Mandell

2012 SISTER ACT Vienna
CAST: Ana Milva Gomes (Deloris), Drew Sarich (Curtis), Arcangelo Vigneri, Martin Berger, Thada Suanduanchai (Eddie Fritzinger), Barbara Obermeier (Mary Robert), Sidonie Smith, Sonja Atlas (Mary Patrick)

25.03.2012 Sister Act Hamburg
Cast: Patricia Meeden (Deloris), Sonja Herrmann (Mutter Oberin), Cusch Jung (Curtis), Mathieu Boldron (Eddo Fritzinger), Lisa Habermann (Schwester Mary Robert), Alex Avenell (Schwester Mary Patrick), Sonya Martrin (Schwester Mary Lazarus), Detlef Leistenschneider (Bones), Dave Mandell (TJ)

If you have something for me, please contact me :)

I'm also opend for general trade :)

My Website: http://totaleclipse-musicaltrading.jimdo.com

My E-mail address: musicalboy.trade@web.de

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Quick Question

Oct. 22nd, 2016 | 10:40 am
posted by: Mario Mendoza in musicalexchange

Hi guys! I was just wondering if anyone knows traders that mostly trade The Phantom of the Opera and The Little Mermaid because I'm in a really big Phantom and Little Mermaid kick and would love to have everything Phantom and Little Mermaid I can. So if you know someone or you do have a lot of Phantom ir Little Mermaid you could contact me here
And here

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Oct. 22nd, 2016 | 09:59 am
posted by: idinafan24601 in musicalexchange

This post is more directed to the people I frequently trade with, but I thought I might post it here to everyone anyway.

I am changing the email address that I use for trading. My site will still be http://whenthenightgetsdark.weebly.com/ but my email address will be whenthenightgetsdarktrades@aol.com

I just wanted to make you all aware of this change. I will finish all current trades and then switch to the new address.

As always, I am open for general trades at http://whenthenightgetsdark.weebly.com/


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(no subject)

Oct. 22nd, 2016 | 04:10 pm
posted by: andbonvoyage in musicalexchange

Hello! I'm looking to clear up these audio wants:

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical
- Scott J. Campbell's last show as Gerry (Broadway)
- Jake Epstein as Gerry (Broadway)
- Julia Knitel as Carole (Tour)
- Anything from the West End

- Miguel Cervantes/Michael Luwoye as Hamilton (Broadway/Chicago)

- Anything recent from Broadway/Toronto that I don't have

- Dublin (2015 or 2016)
- Second National Tour

And I'm open for general trades as well. :)

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New List

Oct. 21st, 2016 | 10:00 pm
posted by: lesmisandthings in musicalexchange

So after having a few hard drive problems and denied access to my weebly site I created a new list which can be found here I am open for general trading in hopes to bigger my collection. You can email me at lesmisandthings@outlook.com

I hope to hear from some of you soon.

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(no subject)

Oct. 21st, 2016 | 12:27 pm
posted by: awrangeblossoms in musicalexchange

Hey there!

I'm open to trades and I'm currently looking for these audios:

=Hamilton (September/October, Broadway, Chicago)
=Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 (Broadway Previews)
=A New Brain (any production)
=Come From Away (any production)
=Aida (soundboards, any production)

If you have any of them and are willing to trade - please send me a message or leave a comment below.

[UPDx2] It seems to work just fine again, but I won't remove the links, just in case.
[UPD] There seem to be a problem with access to my site via Google Chrome, sorry.

My temporary lists:

[(click to open)]




=Les Miserables:

=Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812:

=The Phantom of the Opera


//Contact info



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(no subject)

Oct. 20th, 2016 | 11:34 pm
posted by: oh_you_dork in musicalexchange

Hi! I'm looking to clear up some of my audio wants:

- An American in Paris (final Broadway performance, any tour audios)
​- Cabaret (Music Circus in Sacramento, Cape Playhouse productions)
- Hamilton (Michael Luwoye as Burr on Broadway, Emmy Raver-Lampman as Angelica in Chicago)
- Les Mis (any full audio of J. Michael Finley as Valjean)
- LUDO's Broken Bride: A Rock Opera​ (NYMF)
- The Little Mermaid (2016 Hollywood Bowl w/Sara Bareilles as Ariel)
​- Little Shop of Horrors (UK w/Daniel Boys as Seymour)
- Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 (any from Broadway)
- On Your Feet! (any but especially w/Omar Lopez-Cepero as Emilio)
- Ragtime (8-8-16 Ellis Island concert)
- Waitress (10-19-16 Keala and Jenna's last performances, 10-20-16 Charity and Caitlin's first performances)
- West Side Story (2016 Hollywood Bowl)

My list is here: http://oydtrades.weebly.com
And I'm always open for general trades as well!

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Audio Release - Finding Neverland National Tour

Oct. 20th, 2016 | 04:46 pm
posted by: onthebarricade in musicalexchange

I've seen some requests for an audio of the national tour of Finding Neverland and luckily I was able to see it the other night. They've made several changes to the show, most notibly at the beggining and the end.

Finding Neverland National Tour - October 18, 2016

Kevin Kern (J.M. Barrie), Christine Dwyer (Sylvia Llwelyn Davies), Tom Hewitt (Charles Frohman/Captain James Hook), Joanna Glushak (Mrs. du Marier), Ben Krieger (Peter Llwelyn Davies), Finn Faulconer (George Llwelyn Davies), Mitchell Wray (Jack Llwelyn Davies), Jordan Cole (Michael Llwelyn Davies), Crystal Kellogg (Mary Barrie), Thomas Miller (Elliot), Dwelvan David (Mr. Henshaw), Matt Wolpe (Mr. Cromer), Lael Van Keuren (Miss Jones), Victoria Huston-Elem (Miss Bassett), Noah Plomgren (Lord Cannan), Corey Rives (Albert), Cameron Bond (Captain Hook Acting Troop), Adrianne Chu (Wendy Acting Troop), Dee Tomasetta (Peter Pan)

Fill out the contact form on my site if interested!

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Update/NFT Date passed

Oct. 20th, 2016 | 09:36 pm
posted by: wickedexpresss in musicalexchange

Hey guys I have the Spongebob The Musical bootleg and the NFT date has just passed. So it's up for trade now. Details below

7th June 2016 | Chicago | Mega | VOB
Cast: Ethan Slater, Danny Skinner, Lilli Cooper, Gavin Lee, Nick Blaemire, Carlos Lopez, Gaelen Gilliland, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Carlos Lopez.
Rating: A
Notes: Sunsetblvd79 master. Excellent HD capture of the first preview performance! This is the Pre-Broadway Premiere of the Nickelodeon musical based on the Tv Show! Fun show and music. Despite the master comments saying there is nothing in the way. Sometimes a bar is in the way during the capture but you can see the action still well.. There is also some wandering and blackouts. During Act Two, there is a couple of mins blackout at the start as an audience members points out to the usher or speaks to the master that they are recording. Also 16 mins into Act Two, the audio goes for a couple of seconds. However comes back. This musical is great and it's great capture of the musical expect from the mishaps and blackouts.

If you are intrested give me a message on my website, you can find contact details there. The website link is at the bottom.

Also here is the update!

21st March 2004 | Broadway | Mega | MP3
Eden Espinosa (Elphaba s/b), Kristin Chenoweth (Glinda), Norbert Leo Butz (Fiyero), Carole Shelley (Madame Morrible), Sean McCourt (Wizard u/s), Michelle Federer (Nessarose), William Youmans (Doctor Dillamond)
Notes: Eden's first performance.
30th December 2004 | Broadway | Mega | MP3
Idina Menzel (Elphaba), Megan Hilty (u/s Glinda), Joey McIntyre (Fiyero), Carole Shelley (Madame Morrible), Shoshana Bean (u/s Nessarose), George Hearn (the Wizard), Christopher Fitzgerald (Boq)
Notes: Act 1 and 'Wicked Witch of the East'. Only recording as Shoshana Bean as Nessarose.

9th April 2005 | 1NT Toronto | Mega | MP3
Cast: Jenna Leigh Green (u/s Elphaba), Derrick Williams (Fiyero), Kendra Kassebaum (Glinda), Carol Kane (Madame Morrible), Lori Holmes (u/s Nessarose), Logan Lipton (Boq), David Garrison (the Wizard)
Notes: One of the few audios of Jenna as Elphaba

6th August 2005 | 1NT San Francisco | Mega | MP3
Cast: Maria Eberline (u/s Elphaba), Emily Rozek (u/s Glinda), Derrick Williams (Fiyero), David Garrison (Wizard), Carol Kane (Morrible), Jenna Leigh Green (Nessa), Logan Lipton (Boq)

7th January 2007 | Broadway | Mega | MP3
Ana Gasteyer (Elphaba), Kate Reinders (Glinda), Derrick Williams (Fiyero), Logan Lipton (Boq), Steven Skybell (Dr. Dillamond), David Garrison (the Wizard), Jayne Houdyshell (Madame Morrible), Cristy Candler (Nessarose)
Notes: Ana Gasteyer's and Kate Reinders last show.

11th November 2008 | Broadway | Mega | MP3
Marcie Dodd (Elphaba), Alli Mauzey (Elphaba), Kevin Kern (Fiyero), Jayne Houdyshell (Madame Morrible), P.J. Benjamin (the Wizard), Brynn O'Malley (Nessarose), Alex Brightman (Boq), Timothy Britten Parker (Dr. Dillamond)
Notes: Marcie, Alli, Kevin and Brynn's first show.

7th December 2008 | Los Angeles | Mega | WAV
Eden Espinosa (Elphaba), Emily Rozek (s/b Glinda), Derrick Williams (Fiyero), Carol Kane (Madame Morrible), David Garrison (the Wizard), Briana Yacavone (Nessarose), Eddy Rioseco (Boq), Tom Fynn (Dr. Dillamond), Everth Lopez (Chistery), Alexis Ann Carra (Witch's Mother), Tim Talman (Witch's Father), Linda Kerns (Midwife]
Notes: Emily's last show.

24th May 2014 | 2NT Spokane | Mega | MP3
Laurel Harris as Elphaba, Kelly Felthous (U/S) as Glinda, Matt Shingledecker as Fiyero, Gene Weygandt as the Wizard, Kathy Fitzgerald as Mme. Morrible, Emily Behny as Nessarose, Lee Slobotkin as Boq, John Hillner as Dillamond
Notes: Evening show.

25th May 2014 | 2NT Spokane | Mega | MP3
Laurel Harris (Elphaba), Lindsay Brett Carothers (u/s Glinda), Matt Shingledecker (Fiyero), Kathy Fitzgerald (Madame Morrible), Gene Weygandt (The Wizard), Emily Behny (Nessarose), Lee Slobotkin (Boq), John Hillner (Doctor Dillamond)
Notes: Evening show.

15th September 2015 | Broadway | Mega | MP3
Rachel Tucker (Elphaba), Kara Lindsay (Glinda), Jonah Platt (Fiyero), Michele Lee (Madame Morrible), Fred Applegate (The Wizard), Emily Ferranti (u/s Nessarose), Robin De Jesus (Boq), Timothy Britten Parker (Dr. Dillamond), Antonette Cohen (u/s Midwife)
Notes: Rachel and Jonah's first performance as Elphaba and Fiyero on Broadway

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NFT videos passed dates

Oct. 20th, 2016 | 04:03 pm
posted by: bway23 in musicalexchange

Hello! I have some NFT videos that are now available!
The following videos are now available:

-The Crucible Broadway March 30, 2016
-Paramour Broadway May 11, 2016
-Spongebob The Musical Chicago June 7, 2016 First preview

Still looking for some of my wants:

-Phantom UK Tour January 28, 2013

-Three Phantoms Albertslund, May 12, 2013

-She Loves Me
6-16-16 NFT UNTIL 10/30/16
Amalia Balash: Laura Benanti, Georg Nowack: Zachary Levi, Ilona Ritter: Jane Krakowski, Steven Kodaly: Gavin Creel, Ladislav Sipos: Tom McGowan, Mr Maraczek: Byron Jennings, Arpad Laszlo: Nicholas Barasch
A gorgeous production of this rarely produced classic, and each of the cast is absolutely perfect in their roles. There is a hilarious little blooper when Jane opens the champagne and it bubbles over, spilling onto the floor. Perfectly captured with no blackouts, no obstruction, and just some slight washout in a few wide shots. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call, encore, and playbill scans. Overall Rating: A+

Les Misérables
Broadway - June 15th - 2016 NFT till 1/15/17
John Owen-Jones (Jean Valjean), Hayden Tee (Javert), Alison Luff (Fantine), Chris McCarrell (Marius), Alex Finke (Cosette), Brennyn Lark (Eponine), Mark Uhre (Enjolras), David Rossmer (Thénardier), Rachel Izen (Madame Thénardier), Marcus D’Angelo (Gavroche), Eleanor Koski (Young Cosette), Mia Sinclair Jenness (Young Eponine). Masters notes: the first 30 minutes of the show are missing; the video starts toward the end of Fantine’s Arrest. After that, the show is fully captured with no blackouts. There is some minor head obstruction on the left, but it really only affects a few seconds of the show when Valjean cuts Javert loose after The First Attack. There is also a little more washout than in most of my videos, especially in the full stage shots. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call and playbill scans
SJ Bernly's Master

March 9th, 2013 (Includes on stage proposal)
Cast: Laura Osnes, Santino Fontana, Victoria Clark, Harriet Harris, Ann Harada, Marla Mindelle, Peter Bartlett, Greg Hildreth, Phumzile Sojola, Jill Abramovitz, Kristine Bendul, Heidi Giberson, Stephanie Gibson, Shonica Gooden, Kendal Hartse, Robert Hartwell, Laura Irion, Andy Jones, Andy Mills, Linda Mugleston, Alessa Neeck, Peter Nelson, Nick Spangler, Cody Williams, Branch Woodman, Kevin Worley

May 8th, 2016 Mat (Final Performance)
Cast: Kaitlyn Davidson, Andy Huntington Jones, Lauren Sprague, Blair Ross, Kimberly Farue, Lulu Picart, David Andino, Chauncey Packer, Blake Hammond, Luaren Lukacek, Chip Abbot, Summer Broyhill, Michael Callahan, Audrey Carwell Cody Davis, Rachel Fairbanks, Danielle Jordan, Adam Rogers, Arianna Rosario, Sean Seymour, Paige Williams, Thad Turner Wilson, John Yi

-Finding Neverland
08/21/2016 - Broadway Closing
Tony Yazbeck, Laura Michelle Kelly, Amy Yakima, Dana Costello, Paul Slade Smith, Lance Roberts, Robert Anthony Jones, Courtney Balan, Kristy Cates, Jonathan Ritter, Emma Pfaeffle, Matt Wolpe, Chris Dwan, Carolee Carmello, Cameron Bond, Jackson Demott Hill, Alex Dreier, Christian Michael Camporin, Jack McCarthy.
Note: More energy and emotion from the audience and cast than you can imagine. Including closing speeches from Laura Michelle Kelly and director Diane Paulus. Audio taken from front row center. People can be heard crying throughout the show (especially towards the end)

-Les Miserables
​Simon Gleeson, Earl Carpenter, Rachelle Ann Go, Cameron Blakely, Helen Walsh, Kerrie Anne Greenland, Emily Langridge, Chris Durling, Paul Wilkins
World Tour ​April 16, 2016; Manila

World Tour Singapore Closing night July 24, 2016 Evening. Earl's final performance as Javert ever. I WILL TRADE EXTREMELY UNFAIRLY FOR IT.

​Zorro Manchester, UK 2.4.08: Matt Rawle, Adam Cooper, Aimie Atkinson, Lesli Margherita, Nick Cavaliere, Danial Gentley, Earl Carpenter

Here is my website: http://broadwaymusicaltrades.weebly.com/

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